2019 Color and Texture Trends

While soft, neutral colors have been the dominant interior design tone in recent years, 2019 has welcomed an energetic and daring color movement to homes across the world. Along with the timeless gentle grey and shades of white, designers are incorporating moodier, more dramatic hues of red, pink, yellows and greens along with striking, multidimensional patterns. Another thriving movement this year is the use of natural materials and “bridging the gap” between nature and design. With the impressively rapid rise in technology and an “always connected” culture, many are looking to curate soothing spaces that return them to the basics. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Miry Park, VP of Marketing at Cowtan & Tout, about how they unveiled their take on 2019’s color trends.

Cowtan & Tout’s Manuel Canovas collections burst with vivacious colors and patterns that marry diverse cultural traditions and create an animated and free-spirited feel. Park explains, “Bolder color schemes and richer hues are inspired by the return to an appreciation of pretty as well as our fascination with global chic in an elegant, high-style bohemian way.” What are some of the words that come to mind when you look at the images from Cowtan and Tout’s Manuel Canovas collections below? For me, I see joyfulness, tolerance, community, and a celebration of being alive. I think this concept is just spectacular – That a gathering of threads and weaves can not only inspire creativity and jubilance, but also merge the concepts of togetherness and independence. I encourage you to browse through the Manuel Canovas collections for more inspiration, found here.

If you’re a little skeptical but still want to give it a try, I welcome you to start small. Add some accent pillows on your sofa, maybe a fun rug for your entranceway – Or a pop of colorful artwork on your wall. This playful and exciting theme is all about embracing acceptance and happiness into your life. Let loose and have some fun with it!

Another widespread movement this year is the integration of natural colors and materials into daily life. With the ever-growing presence of technology, it is all too easy to miss out on valuable time outdoors. However, the relationship between humankind and nature can still be nurtured through the incorporation of woodland color shades, floral patterns, and organic textures, to name a few – All of which apply to Cowtan & Tout’s fabric production. Park writes, “Natural fibers derived from plants and animals provide comfort and texture which add a level of luxury to the durable manmade fibers that allow functional practicality to our lives… We are embracing natural materials and hand-crafted goods such as sisal, cork, abaca, and unbleached fibers to create wallcoverings.”

See some of my favorite examples above, reflecting a few of the many nature-inspired wallcoverings by Cowtan & Tout. As Park points out, “Animals and wildlife in all its forms offer endless pattern and color inspiration. Landscapes become wall murals or tapestry-like verdures printed on cloth. The indoors go out, and the outdoors come in. There is a trend to remove the barrier between interiors and exteriors (nature) as we design buildings, walls, and interior fabrics that allow us to incorporate greenery and natural light.” Explore Cowtan & Tout’s wallcovering collections further, and you will find hues, textures and patterns inspired by lush forests, bright flowers, soothing oceans, and more.

Unsure of where to start? Some of the trending colors this year include mushroom browns and fern greens, and the trending threads are spun from wool, silk and hemp. You can also add a few pops of wood, stone, straw, clay or ceramics to bring in dimension and texture. Exercise your creativity with the process and use what speaks to you.

At Savoir Faire Home, we invite you to use us as your primary resource to help incorporate these sensational ideas into your space. We have access to endless fabrics and wallcoverings, and our Interior Design Team specializes in hand-selecting the perfect pieces to bring your vision to life. Our services include a broad range of support to clients from simple room designs to interfacing with architects and builders during a renovation or new construction process. We offer room planning, color consultation, flooring, wall coverings, furniture, upholstered pieces, drapery, lighting and accessories. Call today to inquire further about our interior design services and to set up your appointment today.

All Images Borrowed from Cowtan & Tout - Images Source