Cambodia Trip

I am back in a country I love, doing the other work that I find so rewarding. Five years ago my daughter and I happened upon a organization that helps young girls from the poorest Cambodian families get a high school education. Little did we know how much our lives would change.  In so many countries around the world, young girls have little chance at an education when compared with their male peers.  They are destined for a life of unspeakable poverty and abuse.  As a mother of two teenage girls who have been fortunate to have been raised with the opportunity to get a great education, it was hard to look away. 

So our journey began in a small group home for Cambodian teenage girls in the Siem Reap Provence of Cambodia.  Here 29 girls are given a chance at a better life.  They all come from similar backgrounds of abuse, poverty and neglect.  They also all have one thing in common. They wanted so desperately to get an education but were forced to stay at home to help earn money for their families. Against many of the wishes of their families, they come to live in this group home for the chance to break the cycle of poverty.
Meet the girls of the P.A.G.E. House.
The Program for the Advancement of Girls through Education.