The Beginning

I clearly remember the day when I decided that corporate America was no longer where I wanted to be. Endless meetings, ever increasing short deadlines and countless nights on the road away from my family all lead up to one defining moment for me. Being creative was the reason I joined the corporate work force to begin with, and ironically, it was increasingly draining any creativity from me. I knew it was time to make a change. So I said goodbye to a 22 year career and decided to do something on my own.

In 2005, Savoir Faire Home in Andover MA opened it's doors. Savoir faire, a French term, means to “know how”. Growing up, I was fortunate to travel extensively with my family and my French heritage meant I was automatically drawn to anything French, but in particular, French style. French style continues to give me great inspiration but my continued interest in travel and exploration inspires me every day. From all corners of Europe to the Southeast Asia I find inspiration in the colors, textures and even the scents of my travels.

Whether I’m designing a room or merchandising my retail store, I look to create something that’s unexpected and interesting. I let my head and my heart do the work without the restraints of any design rules. My style has been described as relaxed, sophisticated and natural. Layered textures and colors give my rooms both unique style and attitude.